Cloth Diapering

Here is my favorite recipe for cloth wipes:

1 Tbsp baby wash (I use lavender-scented Dr. Bronner’s liquid soap)
1 Tbsp baby oil
2 C water
Maybe a drop or 2 of essential oil, like lavender (but not if I’m using above soap)

Mix & add to a wipe container. Gently place folded cloth wipes into container, allowing them to slowly sop up the water.

My favorite site to get cloth diapers: Best prices I’ve found anywhere.

Here is the basic starter kit you want to get if you’re thinking of cloth diapering:

• 2-3 dozen cloth diapers
• **OPTIONAL** A few pins (Dritz are best) or “snappis”
• 6-8 covers (if using prefold or fitted diapers)
• 2-3 dozen cloth wipes (make your own by cutting up an old flannel sheet, or use baby washcloths)
• 2 dozen liners—either microfiber or flushable paper (both make life easier when disposing of solids into the toilet. You’ll need to use a liner if you’re using diaper rash cream.)
• 1 diaper pail (I got a covered plastic garbage pail from Rubbermaid from Target—much cheaper than “diaper pails”!)
• 2 plastic liners (I got mine from Dollar Tree. They’re called “Utility Bags”)
• Free & Clear detergent (I get the generic brand)
• Baking soda (Walmart sells them in 4-lb. sizes in the laundry aisle, near the Borax.)
• 2 Drying racks (I found mine at Walmart for $10 each.) or a clothesline
• Cleaned Kraft Parmesan cheese container OR buy a shaker container designed for cheese, like the glass ones you see on restaurant tables (This is to put baking soda in. Keep near your diaper pail & sprinkle on diapers that go into the pail. Really conrols odors!)
• Lysol (I know, so not “green.” But I spray my empty pail w/ Lysol before every liner change on wash day.)

How I wash my diapers:

1. Dump the whole shebang—pail liner and all—into the washer. Do a quick cold-water rinse. You may choose to do this step the night before and soak them overnight, then rinse the water out in the morning.
Variation: Some people choose to use 2 smaller diaper pails—one for poopy and one for wet. On wash day, dump only the poopy ones into the washer for the cold-water wash, then add the rest of the diapers to the machine and continue with Step 2.
2. Fill the washer again w/ the hottest possible water for a long cycle. (*During the quick rinse cycle in step 1, sometimes I’ll put a large pot of water on to boil. By the time the rinse cycle is over, the water is boiling and I dump it into the washing machine when I’m filling it up for the hot wash.) Add 1/8 C free & clear detergent. Rinse in cold water.
3. Rinse again. (This doesn’t involve any extra work for yourself if your washing machine has an “Extra Rinse” dial!)
4. Take diapers out, hang them on the line and let the sun soak out all of those stains! If you want, let them dry most of the way, then transfer to dryer to make them nice and fluffy.
5. **Note that most stinky diaper problems result from too much detergent build-up on the diapers. Every few months I “strip” my diapers by turning up the water temp really high (or adding boiling water to each cycle), and doing a triple hot wash. Super hot water is key to getting out all of the detergent. Using as little detergent as possible during regular washings avoids build-up problems. If you have a front-loading washing machine w/ a “sterilize” option I’d do that!

The following info is from Little Lions’ website. I LOVE them. The above info is what works for me, but you may get more ideas from them.